Green Power boasts of a 360 degree solution on Solar Power sector with its Solar Farms along with rooftop installations. With a 5mWp solar farm at Mangaon, just 150kms from Mumbai city, Green Power aims to cater the needs of high end consumers , enabling them to cut down on their electricity costs and also contribute to the environment. With stringent quality control measures and competitive pricing, Green Power promotes Solar installation by offering innovative and lucrative business models.

i) Rooftop

Redefine the purpose of your roof by turning it into a revenue generating member of your building. With Maharashtra’s net metering policy coming in effect from Sept 2015, Make the use of your excess generate electricity at day time in the non sunshine hours as well. Eliminating the dependency of battery banks, further contributing to the green revolution.

Green Power Offers the following business models to choose from in rooftop sector:-

Capex Model
The most simplest and traditional model where a consumer invests in the total cost of plant upfront and start reaping the benefits from day 1.


Opex Model
Its an operational model where consume dont invest in plant cost, where is an investor invest and consumer pays a monthly tariff based on the number of units consumed. It is also called as PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) Model.




One of the breakthrough development to come up in the last decade of India’s power sector is the government’s nod towards allowing Open Access in renewable power. By opting for Open Access, the consumer can derive solar power from far located on-grid solar parks at a much cheaper rate and also reduce the burden on the DISCOMs for supply of electricity.

As per the Open Access policy 2016, any end user with a Contract Demand of 1000KVA is eligible to opt for Open Access.

Open Access is classified in the following 2 categories:-

Open Access Through 3rd Party PPA
The farm developer setup the plant and supply electricity to the consumer with a predetermined tariff rate
The developer owns the plant and generate a bill to the consumer based on amount of electricity consumed


Open Access Through Captive Consumption
The basic and the most simplest model, in which a large consumer having consumption of more than 1000 KW can setup his own solar park or install its own plant in any other park for its self consumption.